I’m Rachel, a self taught food photographer currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

I founded a blog in 2012 called Two Loves which is where I shared my love of digital photography with my love of food. As my journey continued, this space has evolved into a photography blog as it know today as Two Loves Studio.

Two Loves Studio is simply a space where photographers and creatives who have an appetite for inspiration and a thirst for finding their next step, it’s a place where we can all equally feel connected by their two loves. Inspiration and knowledge centred, with an emphasis on the personal level, Two Loves Studio aims to be a space where you come hungry and leave inspired into action and with a new perspective on your craft and passions.

Over the last few years i’ve made quite a few valuable friendships with creatives here in the online space, and more and more, I can see that we all share a similar journey. We all have the same doubts and fears, the same hurdles and challenges, the same desire for achievement and connection. Yet, not all of us have a support network and a creative journey doesn’t have to be one we walk alone, after all the greatest creative achievements happen when they involve a collective of passionate people. So let’s go on this journey together. Remember photography isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey and often we are so fixated with our ultimate goals we forget to appreciate what we are achieving in the moment.

Connect with me on social media or send me an email at hello [at] twolovesstudio [dot] com.







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