Art of Light

Create beautiful images every time, with natural light.

I'll take you behind the scenes to uncover simple setups and more advanced light manipulations for food photography.

Imagine if the next time you picked up your camera you could...

Create Mood

Manipulate your lighting for the mood you want No. Matter. What

Harness Light

Focus on your composition and styling as harnessing light is second nature.

Shooting Anytime

Shoot when it suited you, as you've got a back of tricks to tackle ANY lighting.

In this guide, I'll take you behind the scenes to uncover the setups and modification process of how I

manipulate light

to capture beautiful images using simple setups

(psst... with equipment you already have!)

"After reading Art of Light, I'm more inclined to try new lighting and my photography is so much better"

Lauren - Photographer

After reading this guide
you'll be able to...


  • You'll unlock your manipulation superpowers by fully understanding how to apply the Inverse Square Law. 
  • Plus, understand the *real* source of light, (and it's not always your window).
Learn How To Manipulate Natural Light (Beyond the basic level) with Rachel Korinek

Learn How To Manipulate Natural Light (Beyond the basic level) with Rachel Korinek


  • Uncover your light at home, as well as why myths about lighting are holding you back.
  • I'll run you through how to find those 'must have' modifiers around the home, plus how to problem solve your lighting issues and when to use each technique - easily.


  • Know which direction of light is most flattering to your food and when to use each type.
  • Learn about key light blocking, as well as how to create strip and edge lighting with just your window light.
  • I'll also show you how easy it is to create hard and soft light with tools you already have.
Learn How To Manipulate Natural Light (Beyond the basic level) with Rachel Korinek

Uncovering the Art of Light...

Before I *really* unlocked the potential of light:

My light always looked different to how I'd imagined it would in my pictures. I couldn't seem to find or manipulate decent light for dramatic and moody photos.

I struggled to get even lighting without just ending up making my shadows look boring. I had light envy and felt that I didn't have access to good light. I'd play and rearrange the food and props, then would realise that I couldn't get the shot due to the fact that natural light always changing.

Shoots weren't fun as I'd be flustered to get the lighting how I wanted AND have to style and shoot at the same time.

BeforE I Understood Light


Art of Light ebook by Rachel Korinek. Learn Natural Light.


  • I'm able to tame a hard light source into the most beautiful light.
  • Using edge light to create a powerful mood with two different types of shadows.
  • I know that *sweet spot* to shoot in with window light and could reply on this technique over and over.
  • I'm able to enhance my shadows for striking visual stories.
  • Understanding the relationship between distance, height and size became second nature.
  • I can translate this knowledge into setting up and tackling artificial light.

What's Included in Art of Light?

(aka...all the skills that you're about to master!)

How Light Works

Understand the dynamics of natural light and how it behaves, so you can fully control it.

Taming Hard Light

Jump behinds the scenes with me to learn how I utilised a hard light source to produce two very unique images.

Create Mood

Discover the simple manipulation aids I used to create mood.


 Your Shadows

Find our why shadows are so important in food photography and how I enhance them.

 Light at Home

Uncover already accessible and free manipulation aids that can be found around your home to help you shape beautiful light, every time.

Troubleshooting Tips

Now, let's run through some troubleshooting tips that you can quickly integrate into your shoots and get the light you crave!

About the Author

Rachel Korinek Food Photographer

Hi, I’m Rachel.

I love capturing visual stories and adore bright, clean and uplifting imagery that emphasises the beauty of real food. When I take photographs, I focus on the honest details and intricacies that connects us emotionally to food. My work has been featured in a range of magazines and publications all over the world.

More importantly, though, I know what it’s like to sit in your 9-5 gig and want something more. I LOVE teaching and empowering others to find joy and inspiration in their photography and creative life.


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Create beautiful images every time with natural light.

  • Over 85 pages of light skills
  • Interactive PDF format
  • 3 behind the scenes setups
  • Problem solve with my guides.

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I believe this is one of the best ebooks you'll ever read, as I created it to empower you to craft and tame the light you crave. If you read through the entire book, implement the tips and techniques found in the case studies and don't see results in your light, simply request a refund in the first 14 days of purchase.

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