99 Food Photography Tips To Blow Your Mind

99 Food Photography Tips: A collection of food photography tips from photographers at all stages of their creative journey. Tips about lighting, hacks, props, styling and mindset. Click to read.

We’re all at different stages of our food photography journey and we’ve all had amazing advice from people who’ve walked the walk before us. What I love the most about the food photography community, is how generous the creatives are with their support for one another’s journey. Here is a collection of 99 food photography tips, that is personal to each creative and jump started their journeys in some way. The goal? For you to find that powerful tip that…

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Why Your Zoom Lens is Killing Your Food Photography

Your zoom lens could be suffocating your creativity. Find out why and nurture your food photography creativity with a FREE exercise!

Zoom lenses look and sound impressive. My 24mm-70mm is bigger than most of my primes and it sounds like I know my shit when I tell people I have a range of focal lengths with just the flick of the wrist. Most of us when we get a new camera get the kit lens and nine times out of ten it’s a zoom. But are you falling into the creativity sucking trap that is what I call the 24-70 syndrome?   Why…

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How to Guide: Create Dark Food Photography (With Just a Box)


Ever wondered how food photographers create those really bold images of still life or dark food photography? The answer is so simple, you’ll be shooting away like a pro by the time you’ve read this post. All you need is a box surrounded by negative fill. Want To Shoot Dark Food Photography Just Like This? How To Guide: Create Dark Food Photography (With Just A Box) What You Need Deep Box To Shoot In Negative Fill Cards (Black Foam Core) Clamps or…

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4 Ultimate Food Photography Lenses for Beautiful Photos

4 Ultimate Food Photography Lenses For Beautiful Photos | From beginner to pro, budget to expensive. Here are the 4 food photography lenses that you need to know to capture stunning images of food. Nikon, Canon and Tamron. This post will have you covered. Click to read.

From beginner to expert, budget to expensive, here are the 4 ultimate food photography lenses you’ll want to consider along the way. Of course any conversation about lenses needs to start with the ‘crop factor’. Essentially does your camera have a full frame sensor or a cropped sensor? If that went over your head, or you’t not sure check out this little intro. My recommendation for these food photography lenses are based on having a full frame camera. If you have a…

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4 Must Haves For Beautiful Natural Food Photography Lighting with Jo Anderson

4 Must Haves For Beautiful Natural Food Photography Lighting | Create soft, glowing light around your house for epic food photography with just 4 simple things. Pin to save for later!

I am super pumped to have my partner in crime and Gold Coast food photographer, Jo Anderson from the Luminous Kitchen on the blog for this guest post.Jo's been creating some amazing images with incredible lighting, and she's here today to share her humble set up with you guys.Get ready because her lighting is phenomenal! You'll love it.​ Rachel Have you ever gone to do a food shoot only to find no matter how delicious the food looks or how well you’ve…

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How To Make Textured Food Photography Backgrounds with Baking Trays


​I'm excited to share this space with one heck of a guy today! I’d like to introduce you to my fellow photographer friend Jonathan Thompson. He’s a UK based commercial photographer specialising in the food and restaurant industries. As well as his own business, Jonathan and his wife Debs run the Wilde Orchard food blog, where they share their passions for all things delicious. Jonathan and Debs moved from Canada in 2010 with their utterly gorgeous dog Tundra. Jonathan decided to…

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How To Recreate Moody Natural Food Photography Lighting

How To Recreate Moody Natural Food Photography Lighting | Recreate moody natural light in food photography with just your Speedlight. Click to read the full set up that will have you mimicking natural light photography in no time!

One of the biggest challenges with shooting natural light is that it is ever changing. If you need to redo a shoot or continue a shoot another day and the natural light is completely different, how do you go about recreating the light you had before? As I am sure you are aware, artificial lighting is a huge and kinda complex topic, (like seriously!) There are so many options out there and things to consider, like budget, storage, set up,…

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Create Intentional Goals: Food Photography Goal Setting Worksheet

Free Food Photography Goal Setting Worksheet | Click to read the 4 actions that will help you set intentional goals to create better food photography.

A couple of posts ago, I shared with you my goals with you and where I was up to. As I have been working on my beverage photography goals, I have found that practice is not the only thing that makes perfect, setting an intention for your practice makes perfect. Today, I want you to take action on getting that new skill, capturing that image, honing that new technique you’ve been dreaming of. Find That Intention. Set Yourself A Goal.…

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Food For Thought: If Life Throws You Lemons Turn Them Into Lemonade

Food For Thought. If Life Throws You Lemons Turn Them Into Lemonade

What I love about meeting people through this blog is that we all have similar stories about how photography has shaped our lives.Today, I'm delighted to share a guest post with you from one of my very first readers Saxon Templeton from Thirty Summers.  Whilst Thirty Summers is not a food photography blog, we have similar philosophy's about 'Escaping Ordinary' and I just love the idea behind it. I know a lot of us have similar realisations in life and are striving…

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