[Photography Action Workbook] The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started!

Searching for endless ways to improve your food photography, then this post is for you. Take action and get started with this FREE Photography Action Workbook. Click to get ahead!

Learning new things, with photography, business and mindset is something that I really enjoy in life. Yet, simply knowing something doesn’t translate into doing or having. It’s action that gets us over the line. No matter how many blog posts we read, courses we take, time we put aside – if we aren’t taking action we aren’t achieving. But how do you take action? I find that is the biggest hurdle for me.  I have good intentions to put that…

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Adding a macro lens for food photography to our kit is really exciting, so which one do you choose? 100mm or 60mm. Click to read before you buy.

Which Macro Lens For Food Photography Should You Buy?

100mm/105mm or 60mm? Adding a macro lens for food photography to our kit is really exciting, (I know, I know. I’m a total dork). But seriously, it’s kinda a sign that we are progressing in our food photography journey and are ready to explore new…

5 Crippling Food Photography Editing Mistakes. Are you making these mistakes? Click to read, avoid and create stunning food photography!


Food photography is all about the little things, those finer details that make an image truly memorable. That moves us into action either to make the dish or for us creatives be inspired to create a personal project. Food photography editing in Lightroom is no different.…

Ready to take your food photography to the next level? Lightroom Magic, a Food Photography Lightroom Ecourse is here to help you feel confident an empowered as you edit your photos to achieve your creative vision. Brought to you by Two Loves Studio.

Why I created Lightroom Magic

In our photography journey, we have periods of exponential growth and periods of frustration. It’s part of the process and you can’t have one without the other. In this post I’d like to share with you why I decided to create Lightroom Magic: A…

What’s the most important tip in food photography styling? Click to read the Three C’s and watch as I break down each element in a short video so you can create powerful food photography!

The Most Important Tip For Powerful Food Photography Styling

If you thought that the most important tip for food photography styling, was to create beautiful food then read on my friend! The most important thing you can focus on in food photography styling is: The Three C’s – The Most Important Tip For…

99 Food Photography Tips: A collection of food photography tips from photographers at all stages of their creative journey. Tips about lighting, hacks, props, styling and mindset. Click to read.

99 Food Photography Tips To Blow Your Mind

We’re all at different stages of our food photography journey and we’ve all had amazing advice from people who’ve walked the walk before us. What I love the most about the food photography community, is how generous the creatives are with their support for…

Your zoom lens could be suffocating your creativity. Find out why and nurture your food photography creativity with a FREE exercise!

Why Your Zoom Lens is Killing Your Food Photography

Zoom lenses look and sound impressive. My 24mm-70mm is bigger than most of my primes and it sounds like I know my shit when I tell people I have a range of focal lengths with just the flick of the wrist. Most of us when we…

How to Guide: Create Dark Food Photography (With Just a Box)

Ever wondered how food photographers create those really bold images of still life or dark food photography? The answer is so simple, you’ll be shooting away like a pro by the time you’ve read this post. All you need is a box surrounded by negative fill.…

4 Ultimate Food Photography Lenses For Beautiful Photos | From beginner to pro, budget to expensive. Here are the 4 food photography lenses that you need to know to capture stunning images of food. Nikon, Canon and Tamron. This post will have you covered. Click to read.

4 Ultimate Food Photography Lenses for Beautiful Photos

From beginner to expert, budget to expensive, here are the 4 ultimate food photography lenses you’ll want to consider along the way. Of course any conversation about lenses needs to start with the ‘crop factor’. Essentially does your camera have a full frame sensor…


How To Make Textured Food Photography Backgrounds with Baking Trays

​I'm excited to share this space with one heck of a guy today! I’d like to introduce you to my fellow photographer friend Jonathan Thompson. He’s a UK based commercial photographer specialising in the food and restaurant industries. As well as his own business, Jonathan…

How To Recreate Moody Natural Food Photography Lighting | Recreate moody natural light in food photography with just your Speedlight. Click to read the full set up that will have you mimicking natural light photography in no time!

How To Recreate Moody Natural Food Photography Lighting

One of the biggest challenges with shooting natural light is that it is ever changing. If you need to redo a shoot or continue a shoot another day and the natural light is completely different, how do you go about recreating the light you…