1 Simple Way To Passive Make $2,000+ by Selling Your Photography | Want to make money by selling your photography by doing nothing? There is just one simple thing I do that sees me passively make over $2,000 a year. Click to get the easiest tip you'll ever read.

Selling Photos: 1 Simple Way to Passively Make $2,000+

Are you like one of the many photographers who dreams of making money from selling photos? Even better, selling photos and passively making money? Whilst making money whilst you sleep is a pretty cool thing, for photographers just knowing that someone wants to part with…

The Complete Guide To Food Photography Pricing (Part 2) | Ready to start getting paid for your food photography? Work out your costs and mark ups with a FREE SPREADSHEET. Perfect for freelance food photographers

The Complete Guide to Food Photography Pricing (Part 2)

In this post I am going to walk you through the three types of costs you need to know for your food photography pricing. By the end of it you’ll be inputting figures into your food photography pricing structure like it’s nobody’s business! Now…

The Complete Guide To Food Photography Pricing Part 1 | Identify how the influences of pricing Effect those dollar bills.

The Complete Guide to Food Photography Pricing (Part 1)

Until you have been freelancing for a few years, talking ‘price’ can feel like a daunting task let alone coming up with a pricing structure for your food photography business! A couple of readers have reached out to ask me to give some advice on…

7 Quotes Photographers Need In Their Lives
Self Development

7 Quotes Photographers Need in Their Lives

Do you feel like being a ‘creative’ or an ‘artist’ is just too darn hard? Like it’s a constant mental battle? Battling with your feelings of inadequacy and the ever increasing pressure to create something that is ‘perfect’, and let’s not forget original! Maybe you…

Self Development

Peek Into My Food Photography Goals

Food Photography Goals Recap. A few months ago I introduced you to setting goals as part of your food photography journey in my post, Set One Year Food Photography Goals. Quite simply, my one year photography goals is: I am commissioned weekly for innovative…

Black White Food Photography (But Not As You Know It) | Two Loves Studio

Black and White Food Photography (But Not As You Know It!)

Like countless other photographers, I just adore black and white photography. This simple medium has such powerful story telling and really allows you to focus on the emotion of the overall image. As food photography is all about storytelling and the emotional connection we…

Two Loves Studio Gingerbread Snack Cake
Decor8 Column Inspiration

Gingerbread Snack Cake

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that I am writing a food column over at Decor8 Blog for 2016! Decor8 has a new bumping team of creatives writing on a regular basis, and Australia is representing with myself and Emma Duckworth,…

Why Experiencing Life Doesn't Happen Through Your Lens | Why you need to live in the moment.

Experiencing Life Doesn’t Happen Through Your Lens

As we get older, we experience more things in live. We experience more good times. We experience more tough times. Recently my mother in law’s journey with cancer came to an end, only six short months after we celebrated my wedding to Matt. It’s interesting…